George Ratiu


CRE Investors: Proceed With Caution

Early economic indicators point to a slowdown in growth in 2019. Nevertheless, as the U.S. enters its 10th year of expansion, optimism among commercial real estate investors persists, according to economist George Ratiu.

The View from the Peak: Winter is Coming

After a decade of economic expansion, prosperity continues. But tightening by the Federal Reserve is likely to weaken consumer and business buying power, thereby dampening growth, contends NAR's George Ratiu.

An Overnight Economic Success Story

The NAR economist weighs wide-raging indicators and their importance for the commercial real estate sector.

Tossing the Affordability Coin

NAR economist George Ratiu discusses how rising student debt levels impact the largest share of homebuyers—Millennials—and how the affordability landscape is shaping up across several major metros.

A Partly Sunny Economic Outlook

NAR economist George Ratiu evaluates our emergence from last recession’s winter into an economic spring, marked by steady growth of the global economy.

Midsummer Musings: What Will the 2nd Half Bring?

What's ahead in the second half of the year for lending, investment volume and the business climate? A senior NAR economist sheds light on the complex issues that will shape the rest of 2017.

Change of Seasons

As the first quarter of 2017 passed, we have certainly faced multiple intersections, ranging from political shifts to demographic changes and from technological disruptions to accelerating urbanization. These alterations are placing tremendous pressures on global economies.

Investors Press the “Pause” Button

Look for a noteworthy shift in the investment market during the second half as players exercise caution.

Notes from the Yellow Brick Road

Why doesn't reality fit economic models? Economists at the National Association of Business Economics addressed this question and more at the Economic Policy conference last month.

Too Much Capital Chasing Too Few Deals?

The dawn of a new year brings renewed optimism and new resolutions, along with the baggage of old fears.