How to Create Flexible Buildings for the New World of Work

As demand for this product type accelerates, CRE teams need to prepare, contends Manish Kumar of Schneider Electric.

It’s Time for Borrowers and Sellers to Consider the Land Lease

Kevin Choquette of Fident Capital on the benefits of this increasingly popular capital structure.

These 3 CRE Sectors Will Reward Long-Term Holders

Investors can count on these property types to appreciate over the next few years, according to Ben Reinberg of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies.

Concerned About Potential Changes to 1031s? DSTs May Be the Answer

Delaware Statutory Trusts could provide even greater flexibility, argues Reid Thomas of JTC Americas.

Industrial Lenders Keep It Simple

Mitch Zeemont of Gantry on what you need to know about financing warehouse and industrial real estate.

How Biden’s Proposed Tax Laws Could Affect Small Property Owners

This year will be an opportune time for small business and property owners to reevaluate their current situations, predicts Daniel Levison of CRE Holdings.

Keeping Air Fresh While Keeping Costs Low

Leveraging data and technology is the key to building and maintaining healthy workplaces, argues Ernie Jur of CBRE.

Tips on Protecting Your CRE Firm From a Cyberthreat

Real estate appeals to cyberattackers because transactions entail a lot of personal information, according to Troy Hawes and Kelvin Teltz of Moss Adams.

Industry Flexibility Peeks Through Distress

While not all metrics among the asset classes are positive, each sector offers points of optimism, notes Pat Jackson of Sabal Capital Partners.

People Are Your Greatest Asset. Does Your Workplace Reflect That?

Incorporating health and wellness in the workplace does not have to come at the expense of your bottom line, argue Kristen Hershowitz and Brittany Saulsbury of Stok.

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