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Office Distress Risks Rising

The latest CommercialEdge report shows many markets face potential distress due to declining debt service coverage ratios and stagnant office demand.

CommercialEdge industrial report

Mastering Supply Chain Challenges

Ongoing issues persist, with regional incidents impacting trade and posing global threats, the latest CommercialEdge report shows.

CommercialEdge office report

Suburbs Dominate Coworking Space Expansion

The latest CommercialEdge report reveals a significant shift in the geography of flex office spaces.

commercialedge industrial data centers

How AI is Boosting the Data Center Market

The artificial intelligence boom is driving unprecedented growth and reshaping industrial development, according to the latest CommercialEdge report.

commercial edge office utilization

Uncovering Regional Disparities in Remote Work

Office use varies widely across cities and industries, the latest CommercialEdge report shows.

commercialedge industrial report

Industrial Momentum Slows Down

The sector is undergoing a pivotal rebalancing, the latest CommercialEdge report shows.


Office Asset Values Slide Amid Challenges

More than 20 percent of assets sold since the start of 2023 traded at a lower price than in their previous sales, the latest CommercialEdge report shows.

Industrial Sector Set for 2024 Transformation

In 2024, the industrial real estate market is poised for stabilization and normalization, the latest CommercialEdge report shows.

Navigating Office Sector Transitions in 2024

Slow recovery is ahead this year, alongside increasing distress and expanded conversions, the latest CommercialEdge report shows.


Transformative Shifts: A Recap of the Industrial Sector’s Performance in 2023

Remarkable changes throughout the year signal a potential turning point in U.S. trade dynamics, the latest CommercialEdge report notes.