Hugh F. Kelly


Economist’s View: The Long, Uneven Road to Recovery

While GDP forecasts remain highly optimistic, not all recoveries will be equal.

After the Long, Dark Winter

Why uncharted conditions demand unconventional thinking about what’s ahead for the economy—and for real estate.

Economist’s View: Rise to the Challenge

In highly uncertain conditions, maintaining a “core of humble open-mindedness” is the way to go, according to economist Hugh Kelly.

Economist’s View: Look Before You Leap

A wait-and-see attitude is the prudent approach when making investment decisions in the age of COVID-19, according to economist Hugh F. Kelly.

The COVID-19 Economy: Beyond the Tipping Point

The pandemic is exacerbating long-overlooked economic weaknesses. Hugh Kelly sketches a map of the difficult road ahead.

Economist’s View: Investment Is About Expected Returns

A drop-off in business confidence is an indicator of an uncertain future, notes economist Hugh F. Kelly.

Get Ready for CRE’s ‘New Normal’

According to economist Hugh Kelly, there are reasons to believe the U.S. economy is already shifting into "an altered state that will require significant adjustments to conventional expectations for commercial property."

How Trade Wars Affect CRE, the Economy

How do trade policies affect the real estate industry? Economist Hugh Kelly surveys lessons from economic history and looks ahead to the likely impacts.

Economic View: Why You Should Watch the Yield Curve

Some key economic indicators show continued strength, but there is more to the story. Trends in the yield curve appear to presage leaner times ahead, advises Hugh Kelly, the veteran real estate economist and CPE columnist.

Get Ready for an Extended Slowdown in CRE Demand

An inverted yield curve and forecasts of a dropoff in job growth are among the signals that the industry’s long, great ride may soon be ending, says economist Hugh Kelly.