Hugh F. Kelly

Hugh F. Kelly is director of graduate programs & chair of the executive advisory council curriculum committee at the Fordham University Real Estate Institute, and chair of the institute’s executive advisory council curriculum committee. He is a principal at Hugh F. Kelly Real Estate Economics, a consultancy. Kelly is the author, most recently, of 24-Hour Cities: Real Investment Performance, Not Just Promises (Routledge/Taylor & Francis).

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Economist’s View: Why the Old Rules May Not Apply Today in CRE

Major disruptions, like AI and work from home, are shaking long-standing assumptions, according to columnist Hugh F. Kelly.

Hugh Kelly

Economist’s View: Why the Fed Will Keep Raising Interest Rates

Count me on the “bearish” end of the spectrum when it comes to real estate expectations in 2023.

Economist’s View: The Watchwords for 2023 Are Uncertainty and Stress

Hugh Kelly on how investors can be proactive rather than reactive in the face of disruptions on the horizon.

Hugh Kelly

Economist’s View: CRE and the Question of Forecasting

Predicting economic trends is as tricky as it is vital to commercial real estate. CPE columnist Hugh Kelly offers insights.

Hugh Kelly

Economist’s View: How Employees’ Flight to Quality Impacts CRE

Hugh Kelly takes a deep dive into the implications of rapidly shifting workplace realities.

Hugh Kelly

Economist’s View: Treasuries, Cap Rates and the ‘Big Squeeze’

Rising interest rates and a slow-growing economy stand to threaten the risk premium that is fundamental to investing, according to economist Hugh Kelly.

Hugh Kelly

Economist’s View: Should We Worry About Inflation?

While the Federal Reserve says rising prices are transitory, a correction may be in store for CRE and the economy.

ICYMI: Why Those Who Predicted CBD Flight Will Be Surprised

The 20 largest MSAs were hit hardest by shutdowns. Economist Hugh Kelly sizes up how they’re doing now.

Economist's View June

Economist’s View: The Long, Uneven Road to Recovery

While GDP forecasts remain highly optimistic, not all recoveries will be equal.