Podcast: More Women Aspire to the C-Suite, CREW Network Study Finds

How far have women in real estate advanced over the past two decades? In a new podcast, CEO Wendy Mann reveals the striking findings of the organization’s latest benchmark study.

Wendy Mann, CEO, CREW Newtork. Image courtesy of CREW Network
Wendy Mann, CEO, CREW Newtork. Image courtesy of CREW Network

Women in commercial real estate remain at one-third of the workforce and they continue to earn less than men. Additionally, women are still less likely to reach top positions at their companies than men. However, there are some areas of improvement: There’s a growing generation of young women in the industry, more women occupy brokerage positions than ever before, and more women are aiming to reach the C-suite.

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CREW Network’s fourth study measures progress for women over the past two decades, captures critical industry-wide data and benchmarks diversity, equity and inclusion in commercial real estate. A total of 2,930 industry professionals across all sectors participated in the 2020 study, which was conducted in partnership with the MIT Center for Real Estate.

In a conversation with Senior Associate Editor Laura Calugar, CREW Network CEO Wendy Mann reveals the main findings of the research and shares the top five things that should be on the agenda for change over the next years. Press play now! 

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