CREW Network CEO: ‘The Younger Generation Aspires to Break Barriers’

Wendy Mann, CEO, CREW Network. Image courtesy of CREW Network
Wendy Mann, CEO, CREW Network. Image courtesy of CREW Network

Although women have made progress in the commercial real estate industry, their role is still limited in senior executive leadership positions, as well as the corporate board level, according to CREW Network research. However, the younger generation doesn’t seem to see the same barriers that Baby Boomers have faced. Building a more diverse and inclusive industry is no easy feat, but things have definitely evolved and more attention is being called to gender disparity and inequity in terms of pay parity.

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For the first podcast of Commercial Property Executive’s brand new series, Senior Associate Editor Laura Calugar invited CREW Network CEO Wendy Mann to talk about the organization’s main project this year: a benchmark study that measures progress of women in real estate. Conducted every five years, the study provides data and insights regarding compensation, company structure and factors that influence career advancements and success. When complete, the research will serve as a guide for CREW Network and other organizations that strive for equity in commercial real estate. Anyone in the industry can participate by March 31.

Additionally, Mann also reveals details about the fresh mindset of the younger generation in commercial real estate and talks about her own experience as a female leader. Press play to listen to an interesting conversation about breaking barriers and motivation!   

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