Guiding Female CRE Leaders Through Rainy Days

CREW Network 2021 President Tiffany English reveals how she’s getting through the pandemic and talks about her plans this year. Listen to a lively conversation with an inspiring leader!

Tiffany English, 2021 President, CREW Network. Image courtesy of CREW Network

Valuing different perspectives and promoting diversity both come naturally to Tiffany English, CREW Network’s 2021 president. She was born in Vietnam, but raised in several different countries across Africa and Asia. This early experience had a great impact on how she approached life, particularly in the past 12 months. Her upbringing helped her navigate through the uncertainty and insecurity that the health crisis brought. 

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Tiffany English leads the growth and overall management of Ware Malcomb’s San Diego office, including the architecture and interior studios, but she also has a global role at CREW Network this year. In a conversation with Senior Associate Editor Laura Calugar, she admitted that women working in the real estate industry had a rough time in 2020, but they succeeded in pushing their businesses forward by staying together and supporting each other. 

For this year, the network’s president wants to continue several initiatives that are meant to assist businesswomen. The organization is also set to reinforce its ties with female CRE leaders around the world, in an effort to encourage CREW members to share their experience and reassure them they’re not alone.

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