Peter Muoio


CRE Capital May Not Be as Available as You Think

Not every investor is finding the same number of financing options today, says Peter Muoio of SitusAMC Insights.

Finding CRE Alpha in Uncertain Times

Peter Muoio of SitusAMC Insights on how investors can beat the benchmark and find recession-proof opportunities in commercial real estate.

Pricing Continues its Downfall into October

All five major property segments were listless yet again in October, showing only minor changes from a month ago.

CRE Prices Flatline in September

CRE prices have flatlined across the board, with all five major property segments remaining listless in September.

August Pricing Continues to Underperform

Despite a 0.3 percent monthly decline from July, apartment pricing has the best trend among the five major property segments.

Pricing Remains Stagnant into Second Half

Apartment pricing remains the strongest among property sectors, as the Ten-X Apartment Nowcast is the only one showing annual growth in excess of 1 percent, measuring 1.9 percent in July.

CRE Pricing Stays Flat at Midyear

According to the Ten-X Commercial Real Estate Nowcast, the All-Property Index dropped 0.2 percent month-over-month in June, leaving it flat compared to one year ago.

Pricing Continues its Monthly Decline

The Ten-X Commercial All-Property Nowcast fell 0.2 percent from the month prior, bringing the annual growth rate to just 0.4 percent.

April Showcases Weak Pricing Growth

The Ten-X Commercial Apartment Nowcast posted the strongest results of the major real estate categories, increasing 0.5 percent and building on March’s 0.4 percent gain.

March Pricing Remains Flat

The Ten-X Commercial All Property Index increased 0.2 percent from February, but the year-over-year momentum in price continued to slow, to 1 percent.