Ken Riggs


The American Dream: Then and Now

The move to the suburbs is a familiar story, but that does not mean there aren't scars and structural elements left behind, says RERC President Ken Riggs.

Inflation: Hidden Genie or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

The various drivers of inflation call into question the ability of commercial real estate to serve as an inflation hedge, contends Ken Riggs of RERC.

Public vs. Private CRE: The Price vs. Value Debate

The intrinsic value of real estate may be stronger than the public markets currently indicate.

The Long-Term Effects of NYC’s Rent Control Regs

The city's new rent codes will have a long-term negative impact on both asset values and the residents they are supposed to help, writes RERC’s Ken Riggs.

CRE Finds Clarity in the Long View

Commercial real estate is the asset class that has done the best during the 10-years-and-counting economic expansion, writes RERC's Ken Riggs.

A New Approach for the Post-Crisis Era

Investors need to watch out for a changing regulatory landscape and more popu­list policies, which will affect CRE as a whole, according to Ken Riggs of Situs RERC.

CRE Investing: Right Move, Right Time

In an otherwise uncertain global economic environment, private commercial real estate is well positioned to achieve reason­able returns, says Situs RERC's Ken Riggs.

Economic Expansion: More Room to Run?

Ken Riggs, president of Situs RERC, believes that, despite its near-record length, the recovery seems far from over, and contends that key indicators point to further growth ahead.

Income to Drive Near-Term Returns

As we enter the later stages of the cycle and capital appreciation declines, investors will rely on income to provide stability, argues Situs RERC President Ken Riggs.

Fundamentals Rule the Day for Investors

Why investors are going back to the basics in order to find and assess the best commercial real estate values, according to Situs RERC President Ken Riggs.