Yardi Amps Up with MCEnergy

Yardi Systems is expanding its energy-related services with a new purchase.

Margaret Carey, MCEnergy

Yardi Systems Inc. will expand its energy-related services following its just-announced acquisition of energy services provider MCEnergy Inc.

MCEnergy, which is headquartered in Valhalla, N.Y., helps clients secure energy at competitive prices, meter and track energy usage, calculate carbon footprints, institute green initiatives, manage data exporting for clients participating in the EPA EnergyStar Program and maximize recovery of utility revenue.

The two companies’ offerings are highly complementary, Gordon Morrell, executive vice president of Yardi, told CPE. “Yardi is expanding its line of energy products and services, and MCEnergy broadens the offering with capabilities in energy procurement and risk management, as well as sustainability and submetering.”

MCEnergy is a nearly 20-year-old provider of market insights and energy management services for Class A commercial and industrial clients, according to Margaret Carey, president of MCEnergy. The company’s energy-management services include contract negotiations with leading electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and green energy suppliers to provide reliable energy at competitive prices. In addition, MCEnergy’s turnkey submetering solutions and energy and environmental tracking software both give property managers access to energy, environmental and sustainability data and information.

“The acquisition will expand what is available,” Morrell added, “because, as part of Yardi, MCEnergy will be able to offer their products and services to a wider variety and much greater number of clients. In addition, Yardi clients will be able to take advantage of MCEnergy products and services.”

Yardi, the parent company of Commercial Property Executive, purchased energy efficiency software provider Enerliance, known for its intelligent HVAC platform LOBOS, in May 2014.

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