What the New Energy Crisis Could Mean for CRE

If it's anything like the 1970s, commercial real estate owners will show a renewed interest in efficiency and renewables.

Wind turbines

Markus Distelrath via Pixabay

Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, energy prices were soaring due to post-pandemic inflation. Now, sanctions against Russia, including a U.S. ban on Russian oil imports, have driven prices to record highs and caused uncertainty throughout the financial markets. But, if the past is a harbinger of the future, there could be a silver lining for real estate sustainability in all this.

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Welcome back to “Sustainability Street,” CPE’s podcast on the intersection of commercial estate and the world we live in. In this episode, Executive Editor Therese Fitzgerald explores how high prices and geopolitical tensions could ignite renewed attention on energy efficiency and renewable energy from property owners.

Here’s a sample of the topics the episode covers:

  • Economic and geopolitical drivers (1:40)
  • Learning from the past (4:35)
  • The new math on sustainability (5:46)
  • Other impacts of oil prices (7:14)
  • Infrastructure challenges (9:01)
  • Managing uncertainty (10:12)

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