The Challenges of Building an All-Electric Future

All-electric new construction is a critical step for the decarbonization of commercial real estate. But progress is not easy to come by.

electric lines

Photo by Dominic Wunderlich via Pixabay

Leaders in the all-electric construction movement are celebrating a few recent successes. But they cannot rest on their laurels in light of the growing counter-movement that wants to prohibit or slow down all-electric new construction and the switch to all-electric appliances.

Welcome back to “Sustainability Street,” CPE’s podcast on the intersection of commercial estate and the world we live in. In this episode, Executive Editor Therese Fitzgerald speaks to environmentalists about the impact of New York City’s recently-enacted fossil fuel ban law and other code change victories, and about the hurdles the movement has to overcome.

Here’s a sample of the topics the episode covers:

  • New York City’s gas hookup ban (0:51)
  • States joining the campaign (4:56)
  • The counter-movement (6:15)
  • The 2021 International Energy Efficiency Code (8:15)
  • All-electric buildings and the grid (11:11)
  • Equity and all-electric buildings (13:43)

Tune in now for this indepth conversation, and don’t forget to follow CPE’s podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

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