Sustainability Street: Heidi Creighton on Human-Centric Buildings

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In this episode, Creighton says buildings that are good for people are usually good for the environment.

This spring, Heidi Creighton joined Skanska USA Commercial Development as national head of Sustainability. Her mission is to further Skanska’s market-leading reputation for highly sustainable design and development.

Welcome back to “Sustainability Street,” CPE’s podcast on the intersection of commercial real estate and the world we live in. In this episode, Executive Editor Therese Fitzgerald interviews Creighton on what it means to be on the cutting edge of development and design today and what’s next.

Here’s a sample of the topics the episode covers:

    • Why she joined Skanska (3:24)
    • How the firm is innovating today (5:26)
    • Blending the S with the E in in ESG (8:39)
    • Restorative design practices (14:00)
    • The EC3 tool and other carbon-reducing strategies (15:01)
    • The Living Building Challenge (18:00)

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