Safe Space Technologies Unveils Virus-Killing Robot

The autonomous disinfection solution uses UVC technology to zap microbes in large public spaces such as office lobbies and malls.

Autonomous Disinfection Robot. Image courtesy of Safe Space Technologies

Safe Space Technologies has rolled out a GPS-enabled robot that kills microbes in large public spaces using high-intensity ultraviolet light (UVC) technology. Ideal for commercial spaces such as office lobbies and hallways, airport terminals, auditoriums, gyms and malls, the Autonomous Disinfection Robot features an autonomous mobile platform and intelligent onboard sensors that allow the device to avoid obstacles while continuously performing disinfection tasks. The robot also provides data to track its runtime, location and disinfection history.

The Pittsburgh-based tech firm also offers the UVC Disinfection Cart, a modular cart that can be manually positioned into a space to provide air and surface disinfection. The operator can position the UVC lights for maximum effectiveness in an irregularly shaped room. The device, which comes with built-in motion sensors and remote-control capability, can disinfect a 36-by-36-foot room in less than 20 minutes and a 12-by-12-foot room in as little as 8 minutes. Rounding out its UVC solutions line, Safe Space Technologies also provides the UVC Disinfection Cabinet, which can safely disinfect up to 30 electronic devices—such as laptops, office supplies and medical instruments—in about 4 minutes.

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