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Ecore’s Crossings Rx Delivers Soothing Neutrals for Commercial Spaces

The multipurpose flooring reduces surface-generated noise and provides ergonomic comfort underfoot.

BENTELER Adds ‘Cool Factor’ to EV Charging

BENTELER's new product is 10 times more powerful than traditional EV chargers.

Bipolar Ionization for Healthy Office Spaces

AtmosAir’s patented air purification system helps stop the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, in occupied buildings.

Smart Charging Solution for Commercial Properties

EVBox Iqon, a level 2 commercial charging station for electric vehicles, can be connected in hub-satellite clusters to make the most of available energy.

Cummins Releases New Microgrid Control Products

The MGC300 and MGC900 controllers can handle renewable energy resources and energy storage for increasingly popular microgrid power systems.

An Out-of-the-Box Solution for Flex Space Needs

Dubbed ootBox, the rentable, movable work pod provides more office or meeting space on demand.

Daikin Unveils Vertical Version of Compact Air Handler

The system improves indoor air quality and comfort while saving energy in situations where space and budget are limited.

Elevator System Combats Pathogens in Small Spaces

Sterilyft from CEC Elevator Cab Corp. uses a combination of UV-C light, double MERV 13 filtering and closed-loop air circulation.

Ceiling Panels and Hanging Partitions for Cleaner Air

Originally designed for healthcare settings, Armstrong's panel systems can be used in commercial spaces such as offices to combat the spread of pathogens.

Safe Space Technologies Unveils Virus-Killing Robot

The autonomous disinfection solution uses UVC technology to zap microbes in large public spaces such as office lobbies and malls.

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