Poll Results: Asset Classes of Interest Besides Office

Nearly half of respondents identified multifamily as their top investment priority.

Besides office, which asset class are you most interested in investing in?

In CPE’s latest monthly poll, readers were asked about the asset classes beyond the office sector where they are interested in investing the most capital. Almost half of respondents—48 percent—listed multifamily as their priority, at a time when many older, high-vacancy office buildings are undergoing conversions to apartments.

20 percent of respondents stated that investment in industrial spaces has piqued their interest, owing to the sector’s strong demand. Many of the nation’s most populated metro areas continue to see high transaction volumes, while the U.S. development pipeline totaled 637 million square feet as of the end of March. In third place, 16 percent stated that they would be most interested in investing in life science space, an asset closely related to office, yet experiencing average sale prices 150 percent higher than traditional office spaces.

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The remaining 16 percent of respondents named retail and hospitality space as their primary investment interests. Retail,  which 12 percent identified as their first choice, has a very positive outlook, with more experiential spaces in addition to grocery shopping, dining and entertainment offerings attracting significant investments from a variety of companies, including Crow Holdings and Continental Realty.

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