Marc DeLuca on Navigating CRE’s Investment Currents

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The new CEO of KBS on why he's still upbeat about the office sector and never pushes the panic button.

Marc DeLuca, CEO of KBS. Image courtesy of KBS

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Investment Matters, CPE’s new podcast series featuring the leaders who are shaping CRE investment today. On this episode, we’ll hear from Marc DeLuca, a 30-year industry veteran and the new CEO of KBS.

In this lively and insightful conversation with CPE Executive Editor Paul Rosta, DeLuca discusses why the Orange County, Calif.-based firm remains upbeat on the office sector. He details the firm’s investment strategy at a challenging time and offers perspective on the intersection of institutional investors and rising interest rates.

You’ll also hear about how early interests led him to a distinguished career, and why his study of economics has taught him to resist pushing the panic button in unsettled times. Last but not least, DeLuca shares the unusual pastimes that let him unwind from long hours.


  • Bicoastal responsibilities (1:07)
  • An unconventional career path (3:58)
  • Economic training shapes a world view (8:19)
  • Topline office trends (10:26)
  • Interest rate insights (15:14)
  • KBS’ investment strategy (17:45)
  • A CEO off the clock (20:45)

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