Get to Know CREW Network’s 2023 President

“We must continue to create a belonging culture for all. Period,” says Alyssa Carducci Dangler in the latest episode of the podcast series. Here’s what else she has in mind for next year.

Alyssa Carducci Dangler, 2022 President-Elect, CREW Network. Image courtesy of CREW Network

Coming from a military family, Alyssa Carducci Dangler grew up crisscrossing the U.S. and Europe. She admits she never had a place that felt like home to her but getting involved in commercial real estate helped her understand communities at a micro level. One of the events that shaped her career was Hurricane Katrina. She was in New Orleans when the tropical cyclone hit the southeastern U.S. in late 2005, and was able to see firsthand the vast devastation and just how much help was needed to rebuild everything, from residential to commercial space.

Now, Dangler is a shareholder at Williams Mullen, a full-service law firm that provides strategic, skilled counsel to real estate professionals. Her practice focuses on commercial and multifamily real estate and finance, but also includes helping clients navigate through the challenges of solar and wind technologies. Currently, she serves on the board of directors for CREW Network and is 2022 president-elect.

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In this podcast episode, Commercial Property Executive Senior Editor Laura Calugar talks with Dangler about her responsibilities as a lawyer and her views of the commercial real estate market today, and also touch on the organization’s focus areas for next year, such as further expanding globally and reconnecting CREW members through more in-person events.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Why she chose to specialize in real estate and finance (0:47)
  • Advancements in solar and wind technologies (7:32)
  • Advising clients in an inflationary environment  (9:50)
  • The office and industrial sectors (12:17)
  • Diversity in commercial real estate (14:57)
  • How CREW Network shaped her career (18:10)
  • Plans for 2023 (20:29)

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