Fastest-Growing Commercial Mortgage Banking and Brokerage Firms of 2022

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Find out which firms topped CPE’s annual ranking.

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RankCompanyAnnual Growth*Total Originations ($MM)Sectors Financed
1Greysteel191.7%$700.0O, I, R, M, Ho, He
2Arbor Realty Trust82.7%$13,700.0M, Ho, X
3American Street Capital72.6%$192.3M, X
4CBRE68.1%$67,900.0O, I, R, M, Ho, He, X
5HREC Investment Advisors67.0%$167.0Ho
6Cushman & Wakefield51.8%$19,421.0O, I, R, M, Ho, X
7Bellwether Enterprise49.0%$10,567.6O, I, R, M, Ho, He, X
8Merchants Capital Corp.46.6%$5,692.8M, He
9Greystone45.6%$16,600.0M, He
10PGIM Real Estate42.4%$23,891.8O, I, R, M, Ho, He, X

* Growth between years ending in September 2020 and September 2021.

Key: O=Office, I=Industrial, R=Retail, M=Multifamily, Ho=Hospitality, He=Health Care, X=Other

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Our Fastest-Growing Commercial Banking and Brokerage Firms ranking comes alongside a notable boost in commercial lending during the past year. Originations, which increased by 42.4 percent between the years ending in September 2020 to September 2021, are likely to escalate even further: More than 90 percent of our respondents indicated that they anticipated origination volumes increasing further in 2022, with a full one-third of participating firms projecting boosts of more than 25 percent.

Greysteel landed first on our list, with annual growth of more than 190 percent between 2020 and 2021. Arbor Realty Trust and American Street Capital, expanding by a respective 82.7 percent and 72.6 percent, round out the top three. Nearly all our fastest-growing lenders are active in multiple property sectors.


The Fastest-Growing Commercial Mortgage Banking and Brokerage Firms of 2022 ranking utilized self-reported data for all firms. The ranking was calculated based on average annual increases in origination volumes for all participating firms. All data was originally submitted for our Top 20 Commercial Mortgage Banking and Brokerage Firms of 2022 ranking.

—Jeff Hamann, Senior Associate Editor, CPE

Read the February 2022 issue of CPE.

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