Top Mortgage Banks

2023 Top Mortgage Banking and Brokerage Firms

Find out which firms lead CPE’s annual ranking.

Top 20 Commercial Mortgage Banking Firms of 2021

Originations may increase significantly if investors that have been staying on the sidelines get back in the game.

Top Mortgage Banking Firms 2020

This year’s participating mortgage banking firms originated upwards of $148 billion as direct lenders and more than $131 billion as financial intermediaries over the 12 months ending in September 2019.

2019 Top Mortgage Banking Firms

The industry leaders combined to originate more than $100 billion in direct mortgages over the past 12 months ending Sept. 30, 2018, as well as more than $150 billion as intermediaries.

2018 Top Mortgage Banking Firms

The 2018 CPE-MHN Top Mortgage Banking Firms survey once again featured a mix of diversified real estate companies and dedicated lending institutions.

2017 Top Mortgage Banks

Favorable Financing By Chris Nebenzahl, Associate Director of Research, Yardi Matrix With interest rates on the rise throughout the second half of 2016, mortgage banks worked hard to provide the best financing for their clients despite volatile times and uncertain futures. In 2017, the real estate industry is poised for another strong year, but the ability to finance transactions will be one of the hottest topics in the industry. The 2017 CPE-MHN Top Mortgage Banks survey offers key insights into the world of borrowing and lending. Despite the prospect of rising interest rates, all but one of the firms in…

2015 Top Mortgage Banks and Brokers

Mortgage banking professionals continue to do what they do best: find smart ways to help clients navigate the complicated business of borrowing. And their transactions should continue to ramp up over the next year, according to respondents to the 2015 CPE-MHN Top Mortgage Banking/Brokerage Firms survey.

2014 Top Mortgage Banking Firms

Mortgage bankers continue to see good things coming for 2014. This optimism is bolstered in part by increased certainty in the lending environment.

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