Editor's Note

The Suburban Dream

Has the pandemic forever changed how people view CBDs?

Turning the Tables

We’ve spent the past year studying and experimenting with ways to work differently, think creatively, and quickly and easily shift direction. That has already resulted in some better performance than we had anticipated early on.

Safety First

As industrial facilities surge in popularity, it’s important to make sure the properties are up to code.

New Possibilities

Following a tough year, the industry looks toward prospects for better commercial and multifamily real estate performance.

End of the Tunnel

We are fast approaching the end of what feels like the longest year in history.

Back to It?

I never thought I’d say it, but I kind of miss going to the office.

In the Upside Down

With many employees working from home, it makes sense for residential energy use to be up. But given that offices are still only 25 percent occupied, why has their energy usage been so minimally reduced?

Prepare for Reentry

As companies entertain the thought of employees returning to their offices, property managers must make sure the spaces are shipshape.

Making Strides

The past few months have been fraught with unprecedented challenges.

Retrofits for Reopening

As talk has shifted to reopening the economy following the COVID-19 shutdown, the focus has moved to control and prevention of the virus' spread.

Mall Madness

I miss going to the mall.