CREW Up: Support Women’s Development Outside the Office, Says CEO Wendy Mann  

Here’s how investing in women’s professional growth makes teams, companies and the CRE industry better. Tune in now!

Wendy Mann & Laura Calugar
In this podcast episode, Mann and Calugar talk about the importance of investing in women’s professional development. Image by monkeybusinessimages/

Wendy Mann came into the workforce in the late ’80s, and until the early 2000s, roughly 98 percent of the CEOs she worked for were men. As they began retiring, an increasing number of women took their places. Additionally, more women have now become leaders of the organizations that represent the real estate industry.

Why did that happen? Women are great multitaskers, great problem-solvers and great collaborators and these skills became more required for success as time passed, according to CREW Network’s CEO.

Mann spoke to Laura Calugar, senior editor with Commercial Property Executive, in a new podcast episode of our quarterly CREW Up series with CREW Network leaders and, among other things, she had a message for all real estate CEOs:

“Set aside money every year for your high-potential women,” Mann said. “Put them out there in the world! Let them learn and bring knowledge back to your organization!”

Wendy Mann, the CEO of CREW Network
CEO support is crucial for women’s professional development, says Mann. Image courtesy of CREW Network

Here are some episode highlights:

  • Mann’s first years into the workforce (01:00)
  • Standing up for your ideas as a woman in CRE (3:41)
  • Programs and initiatives Mann got engaged in early on in her career (5:47)
  • Training and mentoring women (9:44)
  • Are women really interested in joining the CRE industry? (11:42)
  • Top ways CRE companies can support women’s professional development and growth (15:43)
  • The feedback CREW Network receives from women who attend their leadership/professional development programs (20:18)
  • The CREW Network Convention in Vancouver, Canada (22:57)

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