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Deloitte’s 2024 CRE Tech Takeaways

CPE columnist John D’Angelo reveals the mixed results of a worldwide survey.

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Deloitte’s 2024 CRE Outlook

Executives around the world shared worries, insights and a few surprises in the firm’s annual survey, according to columnist John D’Angelo.

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What CRE Needs to Know About GenAI

Examples of how this technology can improve the way we work are everywhere these days.

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CDO Stack: Why Change Is No Longer the Exception

Real estate people often hate dealing with new technology. Here’s how to make the transition smoother.

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CDO Stack: All That You Should Leave Behind

It’s time to give up those outdated tech habits, advises Deloitte expert and CPE columnist John D’Angelo.

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CDO Stack: The Case for Redesigning Your CRE Tech Platform

Deloitte’s John D’Angelo imagines what owners and operators could build if they were starting with a clean slate.

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CDO Stack: The Upside of a Slowdown for CRE

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your operations.

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Smarter Buildings Can Be More Sustainable

Investing in building technology and control systems can help you run a more energy- and resource-efficient asset.

CRE Meets the AI Generation

How the emergence of artificial intelligence could change the industry, according to Deloitte’s John D’Angelo.

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CDO Stack: Metaverse vs. AR and VR in CRE

Deloitte’s John D’Angelo untangles several definitions that are becoming increasingly relevant in CRE.