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The CDO Stack: CRE Dilemmas AI and Data Science Can Help Solve

Questions that were once difficult or even impossible to answer are now easier to decipher.

AI, Data Science and Commercial Real Estate

It’s paramount for commercial real estate to address its data capabilities to help smooth the path forward for applying artificial intelligence.

The CDO Stack: How to Reach Digital Maturity

Why digitization requires a strategic vision in establishing a plan of action.

Digital Twins in CRE: Copy, Paste, Operationalize

Why this technology should be on the radar of property operators.

The CDO Stack: Digital CRE Trends for 2021 and Beyond

In this installment of his column, Deloitte’s John D’Angelo previews some of the ways that commercial real estate executives will need to adapt to survive and thrive.

4 Overlooked Considerations for Reopening Physical Spaces

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for reopening offices. Considerations include a company’s strategy, resources and cost pressures, according to Deloitte’s Steven Bandolik and Francisco J. Acoba.

Managing Distressed Debt and Assets: 4 Steps

A wave of restructurings could be heading toward the CRE industry. Deloitte Managing Director Steven Bandolik urges executives to develop a strategy now and names the key areas to focus on.

ESG Allocations Are Rising. Do Investors Know How to Capture Them?

Allocations guided by environmental, social and governance principles are expanding rapidly, but REITs and other investors could be doing more to attract investment dollars and drive alpha.

Is CRE Asking the Right Questions About Smart City Investment?

City governments are increasingly sourcing private capital for smart city initiatives, but commercial real estate developers and investors want to know: How do we benefit? Deloitte’s Steven Bandolik and Josephine Tucker examine this issue.

CRE Tech Investments Can Withstand Potential Recession

Investments in tenant experience-related technologies will continue to be a high priority, according to Deloitte’s Steve Bandolik and Jim Berry.

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