John D'Angelo


The CDO Stack: CRE Dilemmas AI and Data Science Can Help Solve

Questions that were once difficult or even impossible to answer are now easier to decipher.

AI, Data Science and Commercial Real Estate

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In this installment of his column, Deloitte’s John D’Angelo previews some of the ways that commercial real estate executives will need to adapt to survive and thrive.

Introducing the ‘CDO Stack’ and the Rise of the Chief Digital Officer in CRE

The onset of COVID-19 has put many businesses into a flight or fight battle, with some realizing that to survive and thrive it is critical that they transform their operations to meet the needs of a suddenly prolonged digital work environment.

How to Take Your CRE Data to the Bank

Information is a critical tool for identifying and understanding risks and opportunities. But many property- and service-based firms are not using it to its full potential, say Deloitte's Steven Bandolik and John D'Angelo.