Economy Watch: Office Market Gains Ground in ’15

The U.S. office market is getting healthier.

Economy Watch: Consumer, Investor Confidence Mixed at End of ’15

Consumers were a little more confident as 2015 drew to an end.

Economy Watch: Holiday Retail Sales Saw Uptick in ’15

Consumer spending for the holiday season is very positive.

Economy Watch: Final Reading for 3Q GDP Mediocre

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released its third and final report on US gross domestic product in 3Q 2015 on Tuesday, with the annualized growth rate coming in at 2 percent during the quarter, a downward revision from the previous estimate.

Economy Watch Weekly: Higher Interest Rates & a CRE Warning

Economy editor Dees Stribling discusses the higher interest rates and a warning on CRE lending risks, for the week ending Dec. 25th.

How to Get Published on CPE

Learn how to get published on Commercial Property Executive with this instructional video.

Economy Watch: Fed, FDIC Warn About Careless CRE Lending

The real estate industry isn't alone in mulling the possibility of an overheated commercial real estate market.

Economy Watch Weekly: CRE Values Hit the Peak

Economy editor Dees Stribling discusses the impending interest rate increase and CRE values hitting their peak, for the week ending Dec. 18th.

Economy Watch: Should Investors be Worried About the Rate Hike?

This week is the run-up to the Federal Open Market Committee's long anticipated, fairly certain rate increase.

TCN, GVA Create Global Coalition

The international real estate advisors have agreed to create an alliance that extends the scope of their markets with a transatlantic reach.