New York-based coworking operator Industrious recently opened an 80,000-square-foot coworking space in Portland, Ore. Situated in the Pearl District neighborhood, it encompasses the lower three floors of the Portland U.S. Custom House at 220 NW Eighth Ave. and is Industrious’ second location in Portland.

The property is an excellent location for coworking members who want to stay connected to one of the most vibrant areas in the Portland metro. Far from its industrial roots, the Pearl District is now a walkable bonanza of shopping, art galleries and lofts.

In addition to being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the recently renovated U.S. Custom House perfectly suits the neighborhood’s eclectic atmosphere: It possesses an inspiring style evocative of the Italian Renaissance, and also has plenty to marvel at when it comes to the interior.

Notably, tenants stand to benefit from the coworking space’s robust offering of amenities, including abundant natural light; mail and packaging services; daily breakfast and craft coffee; and a wide array of community events.

The Custom House was previously the site of another coworking space operated by flex space giant WeWork. However, in 2021, challenging conditions created by the pandemic led to the closure of WeWork’s coworking office, which Industrious has now acquired and reopened. This comes amid a surge in demand for coworking: The number of freelancers and remote workers is surging in most U.S. cities, and coworking operators are scrambling to cover the newly generated demand.

While the new coworking space in the U.S. Custom House is all about turn-of-the-century prestige, Industrious’ first coworking space (Industrious Pioneer Square, located at 811 SW Sixth Ave.) is all about the benefits of being at the heart of a metropolis. Offering a unique view of Pioneer Square and a stylish, but modern design at the heart of downtown, Industrious Pioneer Square is the Yin to the Custom House’s Yang.

As one of the primary coworking operators in the U.S., Industrious’ business model caters to both small teams and larger operators that aim to ensure access to great amenities and workspace services for their teams.

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