Work Virtually with Haworth’s New Content-Sharing Hub

Haworth's Workware Wireless suite offers seamless ways for employees to collaborate in and out of the office.

By Mallory Bulman, Associate Editor

The Workware Wireless suite.
The Workware Wireless suite.

The advent of the Internet and new technology brought a slew of new ways to communicate and operate in an office setting, and while these advances have made business more efficient, they also come with their fair share of problems. Sharing files and communicating remotely can get tricky when colleagues are using different operating systems, devices and platforms, and many workplaces also face the issue of security when sharing sensitive information through different applications.

To address these common concerns, Haworth has developed a system that’s perfect for today’s modern workplace. Workware Wireless is a software application that supports unlimited communication between employees working both in the office and remotely. Regardless of their device, operating system or location, your colleagues can share any files quickly, simply and in real time. When connected to your team’s Workware Wireless, you can share your entire screen, a specific document, or a single app window, keeping everyone focused on the item at hand, instead of distracting pop-ups or cluttered desktops.

All connection is wireless, so setup and use is cable and frustration-free. The system also operates securely, eliminating all worry about files being intercepted. With all your content organized in one central hub, meetings and collaborative projects will operate a lot more smoothly.

The Workware Wireless suite accommodates most devices and operating systems.
The Workware Wireless suite accommodates most devices and operating systems.

The modern workplace calls for more flexibility and correspondence than ever before. With Haworth’s Workware Wireless system, communication across the office or across the ocean can be easy and efficient.

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