View Glass Controls Glare Without Blinds

The company's self-tinting smart window system, used in major airports and other commercial properties, can improve the energy efficiency of a building by 20 percent.

DFW Airport window. Image courtesy of View Inc.

View Inc. provides dynamic self-tinting glass windows that control light levels without blinds or shades. The high-quality insulating glass uses a proprietary electrochromic coating, along with a glass control network and a predictive, automated system to reduce glare and unwanted heat.

Working on either “smart” or manual controls, View products can regulate glare, optimize daylight and tint individual zones of a building, giving the occupant precise control of a space. View Intelligence Technology allows windows to respond with no human intervention by taking in a wide variety of information through its sensors, including the physical geometry and usage of the space and the external weather.

View, which has installed its dynamic glass in 50 million square feet of building space worldwide, says its LEED- and WELL-rated products improve the energy efficiency of buildings by 20 percent. The company’s new View SmartProtect product uses Microsoft Azure technology to automatically detect glass breakage within a building and instantly notify the user of the time, window and location of the break event.

View’s products have been used in major airports such as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, commercial offices, education environments, health-care facilities and multifamily properties. The company’s smart glass is featured in 49 South Van Ness, a new 431,000-square-foot office building developed by Related Cos. that recently topped out in San Francisco.

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