UV Angel Technology Zaps Germs with Light

Two new products use UV-C treatment systems to automatically combat harmful pathogens in indoor air and surfaces.

UV Angel Air. Image courtesy of UV Angel

Pathogen control technology firm UV Angel has released two new UV-C light devices that automatically treat the air and surfaces for harmful germs. Aside from health care settings, the devices are suitable for commercial buildings, transportation facilities and schools where infection prevention is a concern.

The UV Angel Air and UV Angel Adapt use patented UV-C light treatment technology to automatically and continuously zap unhealthy bacteria, fungi and viruses, most of which are very sensitive to ultraviolet light. The UV Angel Air features an integrated design that combines a proprietary treatment system with standard in-ceiling lighting. To create a cleaner and healthier environment, air is circulated through a sealed UV-C chamber and treated with high-intensity UV-C light before being returned to the room.

The UV Angel Adapt, by contrast, can be attached to keyboards, touch screens and other frequently touched surfaces. The product uses an automated UV-C light treatment platform to continuously monitor and treat surfaces hundreds of times per day.

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