The Sustainable Features Tenants Want

Recycling programs and electric car charging stations were some of the most requested amenities in a recent survey from Kingsley Associates.

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Sustainability was the topic for this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates. Office tenants from across the country sounded off on which sustainable and green features they would most like to have at their workplaces.

“Would love to find a way to partner to add solar/battery storage to the building as well as an electric vehicle charging stations.” –Office, San Diego, Calif.

“I cannot understand how there is still no recycling options in our office even for aluminum cans and paper.  We don’t necessarily need full single stream, but those two things seem like no-brainers in today’s world.” –Office, Denver, Colo.

“Bathroom could have improved sustainable resources i.e. electric hand dryers instead of paper towels and water efficient toilets.” –Office, San Francisco, Calif.

“It would be nice if the building held a training seminar to inform tenants of how we can help with the sustainability initiatives.” –Office, Dallas, Texas

“We need EV charging stations on property. All other nice shopping commercial centers have them.  I think we could benefit from them.” –Retail, Katy, Texas

“Would love if management would consider sponsoring lighting upgrades to energy efficient LED lighting on tenant floors, as well as a convenient and committed recycling program.” –Office, Nashville, Tenn.

“More electric charging stations. Disappointed in the very large fee increase to charge an electric vehicle! Doesn’t encourage tenants to drive sustainable, electric cars. Defeats the purpose of sustainability.” –Office, Los Angeles, Calif.

“A recycling program for the building would be great, such as in addition to trash pickup, they would also pick up recycling.” –Office, Houston, Texas

 “Sustainability initiatives are very important to our company.  We are pleased to learn the property is moving towards renewing its LEED certification.” –Office, Chicago, Ill.

“Better temperature control between two sides of the floors and sustainability in general as this is a ongoing focus area.” –Office, Toronto, ON

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