Watch Now: Protecting Your Property From Stormwater Risks

AQUALIS’ Ryan Watson offers expert insights into dealing with this often-overlooked hazard.

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With weather conditions intensifying, your property may be at risk of stormwater failure and potential fines. Depending on your location, a certified inspector from your local municipality may evaluate the stormwater system on your property quarterly, yearly or every few years. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the assets on your property and how to ensure your property is safe and passes inspection.

What are the most common causes of sinkholes? Where do they occur? And how can you protect your property against them?

Join CPE and Ryan Watson of AQUALIS, as we discuss how you can safeguard your assets, including how to evaluate risk and identify the first signs of system failure. You’ll also learn about:

  • Keeping your property safe and compliant
  • The run-to-fail method vs. the maintenance investment method
  • Common failures and how to avoid them

Our panel:

Ryan Watson
Business Development,
Jessica Fiur
Commercial Property Executive

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