Sterilization Module Cleans Handrails With UV-C Light

The device from EHC Global provides antimicrobial protection for touch-points on escalators and moving walks.

LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Solution Rendering courtesy of EHC Global

EHC Global has introduced a handrail sterilization solution for escalators and moving walks that zaps pathogens such as bacteria and viruses using short-wavelength ultraviolet light. The compact, internally mounted LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Module helps keep handrails clean in facilities from office buildings and shopping malls to airports, convention centers and public transit systems.

Sanitation concerns have taken center stage amid the pandemic, driving increased demand for disinfection of high-traffic touch points. The device features ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) utilizing UV-C technology, which penetrates the cells of harmful pathogens, damaging the DNA or RNA containing their genetic code.

The system, which needs to be installed by a licensed technician, is designed to preserve the structural integrity and performance of NT thermoplastic polyurethane and TufFlex rubber handrails. Built-in side reflectors ensure full coverage of the handrails, including sides, while the module’s internally mounted design avoids the risk of passenger entrapment. The UV-C Handrail Sterilizer does not require any maintenance.

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