Rolling Panels Guard Against Workplace Germs

Made of acrylic blocks secured to a metal base, the new product from Hy-Lite provides for distancing and privacy.

Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panel. Image courtesy of Hy-Lite

Hy-Lite has rolled out a new line of portable privacy panels made of architectural-grade acrylic blocks that provide separation between workers and customers while allowing light to flow through. Designed for a wide range of environments including offices, restaurants, salons and healthcare settings, the Acrylic Block Rolling Privacy Panels can be easily cleaned and reused to guard against germs. The durable and lightweight panels also serve to enhance privacy and reduce noise levels.

The 8-inch square acrylic blocks measure 1.5 inches thick, with air gaps in the center, and are secured in white or bronze vinyl frames. The panel of blocks is secured to a heavy-duty welded metal base which includes a set of four 2-inch casters with locking mechanisms. Block styles include wave, glacier and cross rib. Panels come in almost 40 different sizes ranging from 42 to 58 inches in width and from 71.5 to 79.5 inches in height, and the company can also produce panels without wheels or a base upon request.

Created specifically to help businesses reopen while meeting social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19, the panels can be sanitized with soap and water, bleach, hydrogen peroxide (up to 40 percent), or isopropyl alcohol (up to 30 percent).

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