ROC USA Welcomes New President

Director of Single Family Housing for Community Loan Fund in New Hampshire, Jennifer Hopkins, will be replacing Juliana Eades.

Jennifer Hopkins, President, ROC USA. Image courtesy of ROC USA

ROC USA’s board of directors has welcomed a new president. Jennifer Hopkins, the director of Single Family Housing for Community Loan Fund in New Hampshire, will be replacing Juliana Eades who retired after nearly 40 years as its only president. ROC USA will use Hopkins’ expertise, which spans two recessions, in expanding its single-family mortgage program across the country.

Hopkins runs the Welcome Home Loan program within Single Family Housing, a program that finances fixed-rate mortgage loans for manufactured homes in resident-owned communities and on their own land. More than 1,300 homeowners have received funding under the program. The program was recognized with the CFED Future of Economic Opportunity Award as well as the national NEXT Award for Opportunity Finance.  

Prior to joining the Community Loan Fund, Hopkins has also worked as a lawyer and foundation program officer—with ROC-NH being the beneficiary of one of the programs the foundation provided grants to. The new ROC USA President was selected as the 2016-2017 Homeownership Fellow by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority.

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