Property Management Success: Trends, Strategies, Innovations

Check out our monthly series covering all things property management, from niche property operations to the latest Class A office amenities.

In this monthly series, Commercial Property Executive sits down with experts from commercial real estate service companies of all shapes and sizes, and gets their insights on what makes for the most effective property management strategies across the portfolio, tech stack and team building levels.

Office operations 

  • New Formulas for the New Office: It’s no secret that the pandemic and the subsequent ubiquity of hybrid work have changed the office experience forever. What role do amenities play in bringing employees back to the office, and what are the best ways to activate the buildings themselves?
  • How Property Managers Influence Office Development: The design process is tricky, especially given the diverse needs of tenants that are signing leases at a time when the sector has an uncertain future. How can property managers help?

The tech stack

Niche property management

Team building

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