Product Spotlight: Retrofit Fan Coils from IEC

IEC's new fan coil system makes replacing outdated energy solutions easier— an ideal solution for retrofit projects.

By Mallory Bulman

Indoor-Environmental-MIY_WEBAs sustainability becomes more of a focus for investors, developers and property managers alike, retrofitting old buildings to meet current energy standards is becoming more common. A traditional overhaul of an older building requires a significant investment of time, resources and money, and often poses many challenges when it comes to replacing and adapting existing mechanical systems.

Recognizing the growing need for easily-replaceable solutions, International Environmental Corporation (IEC), a hydronic fan coil manufacturer, developed the MiniReStoraMOD, a smaller, less-invasive high-rise fan coil solution. The first in the industry, the MiniReStoraMOD can fit into any space by sliding into the shell of a previously existing unit, making it an easy and convenient solution for retrofit hospitality, multifamily or higher education projects. The ease of use circumvents the need to shut down an entire riser, a process which usually results in unnecessary costs and downtime. The MiniReStoraMOD can be installed with minimal disturbance to existing walls and room finishes in as little as four hours.

“Our customers needed a solution that allowed them to work within already existing smaller mechanical closets without sacrificing the outstanding sound and indoor air quality benefits of larger models.” said Rob Copeland, director of marketing at IEC. “The result is a unit that can be replaced within four hours, not days, eliminating the need to close down entire floors or rooms for renovation.”

The MiniReStoraMOD is an extension of IEC’s ReStoraMOD, the brand’s first high-rise fan coil designed for hospitality, multifamily and higher education. The smaller version still maintains all the features of the larger, including the latest in energy savings and indoor air quality features. To learn more, visit IEC’s website.

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