Product Showcase: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls' new HVAC product introduces tiers of energy efficiency.

By Mallory Bulman, Associate Editor

A Johnson Controls vertical stacked water source heat pump.

Johnson Controls’ new Premium Efficiency vertical stacked water source heat pumps (VSHPs) may not look big, but they pack a sizable punch when it comes to optimal heating and cooling. With its innovative and compact vertical design and host of useful features, the Premium Efficiency VSHPs provide industry-leading efficiency, with Energy Efficiency Ratios (EERs) of up to 16.6 and 18.5 for geothermal applications. The adaptable design makes zoning and tenant metering simple, and allows for building expansion.

With its record-setting efficiency, the new VSHP has very low operating costs, and the tenant metering feature allows for simple utility billing. Suited for any building with a consistent floor plan and two or more stories, the new design can accomplish the flexibility of a pricier four-pipe fan coil system with its more cost-effective two-pipe setup. The piping system, which is pre-engineered, reduces installation hazards and makes it easy to expand your building in the future.

The VSHP is also designed to minimize sound, with half-inch acoustic insulation and sound-attenuating discharge baffles. The heat pump also interfaces with standard thermostats, making servicing and installation much simpler. Other notable features include: outside air openings with collar and motorized damper; up to three air supply openings; electrically commutated motors (ECMs) and MERV 8 filters.

With the release of the Premium Efficiency VSHP, Johnson Controls is one of the only manufacturers to offer tiers of product efficiency levels, giving customers the choice between High Efficiency and Premium Efficiency. All units are AHRI/ISO 13256-1 and ETL certified for use in the U.S. and Canada, and exceed ASHRAE 90.1 requirements at all rating conditions.

Photo courtesy of Johnson Controls.


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