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CPE and Kingsley Associates ask tenants what they think of their green efforts and what can be improved.

CPE and Kingsley Associates ask tenants what they think of their green efforts and what can be improved.  

MHN_RentsArt_800x600“I’m very appreciative of the electric charging station. Most Class A office buildings offer this amenity and it is great that this building does as well.” —San Diego

“Working with surrounding communities to improve accessibility to the property with alternative means of transportation allows us to reduce our care use, which also results in a reduction of our carbon footprint.” —Golden, Colo.

“The new sustainability initiatives helped us be more aware and provide more accountability for our own habits and general environmental footprint.” —San Diego

“If it costs significantly more for a tenant to become ‘green,’ I’m not sure we would be willing to do that, as it wouldn’t really help my business.” —Boynton Beach, Fla.

“To the best of our knowledge, we’ve not been made aware of the property’s position or commitment to sustainability, hence the average rating for sustainability.” —Tempe, Ariz.

“Solar panels should be installed to minimize power costs. Heat and air conditioning should also be run on the most energy-efficient equipment available.” —San Diego

“Being an energy-efficiency company, it is awkward having an office space in an all-electric building. Installing a more efficient heating system (gas) and adding some renewable capacity would be a nice improvement.” —Madison, Wis.

“I’m glad to see property management push initiative in sustainability. We would like to work more with this in the future.” —Los Angeles

“Employees are happy to see that we take steps in creating a sustainable environment.” —Sacramento, Calif.

“Green practices might not seem like a good investment right now, but the companies making the investment to lead the way now will be the ones retaining profit later.” —Austin, Texas

“I like sustainability initiatives, except when they trump functionality. For example, the cold, non temp-controllable faucets in the restrooms may look good on paper, but are annoying.” —Arlington, Va.

“Our office has recycle and waste baskets in each office at each desk. I’ve been told by someone in our office who stays late that the janitorial crew empties both baskets in the same collection bucket when cleaning, making our recycling efforts pointless.” —Plano, Texas

“Ideally, sustainability pays for itself over time. However, we need detailed information on any new implementations management intends to charge us for prior to signing off on anything.” —San Jose, Calif.

“We are interested in recycling and promoting a green environment, but we are not very concerned with the other green initiatives.” —Portland, Ore.

“The bike room is practical and promotes being green. Great improvement!” —New York

“Sustainability is about politics. Renting a retail space is about profit. If sustainability increases profit and has a payback that happens right away, I am in. However, future paybacks and good feelings will not pay the immediate bills.” —Arlington, Texas

“Sustainable practices mean more money out of the pockets of the tenants. Good in theory, but costly in practice.” —Houston, Texas

“Please get one or two Tesla charging stations in the parking garage. This may not be a big deal or priority now, but it will be in five years when there will be far more electric vehicles on the road. Get ahead of the game.” —Kansas City, Mo.

“To meet sustainability goals, we turned off lights in the hallways a few years ago. This makes the building dark and gloomy. It would be nice if we could utilize the existing lighting with more efficient bulbs versus turning the lights off.” —Austin, Texas

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