Extech Unveils New Lighting-Measurement Solutions

The new series—the UV505 Pocket UV-AB Light Meter and LT505 Pocket Light Meter—is developed for measuring both normal and ultraviolet light sources.

By Alex Ciorogar

Extech Instruments, UV505 Pocket UV-AB Light Meter, LT505 Pocket Light Meter

Continuing a recent trend, Extech Instruments has launched two new light-measuring products designed for both professional and general users. Developed for visible and ultraviolet light, the 505 wide-range meters are easy to store and feature backlit LCD displays.

The UV505 Pocket UV-AB Light Meter measures ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the A and B wavelengths, for both outdoor and indoor settings. With a wavelength spectrum spanning from 9 to 12 feet with cosine correction, the product can measure UV light exposure from LED, halogen, HID and compact-fluorescent lighting products. The UV505 measures the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in energy (watts) per square centimeter received per second.

The LT505 Pocket Light Meter is developed to validate new installations by testing illumination levels, which help confirm that on-demand lighting systems comply with current safety norms, including eyestrain and productivity levels. Featuring a cosine- and color-correction filter, the meter can be used for parking garages, warehouses, stairwells, landings and corridors with limited monitoring. The product can measure light intensity up to 40,000 foot-candles with 0.01 Fc/0.1 lux resolution. Functions include:

  • data hold
  • minimum and maximum functions
  • a zero/calibration function
  • auto power off

Photo courtesy of Extech Instruments

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