Equinix to Build its First IBX in Seoul, South Korea

SL1 will be connected to the company's Platform Equinix, an interconnection platform which allows customers to access more than 1,800 networks and 2,900 cloud, IT and system integration services globally.

Equinix has started work on its first International Business Exchange data center in Soul, South Korea. SL1 IBX will be Equinix’s 41st data center in the Asia-Pacific region and will provide colocation and interconnection services to businesses.

The company’s first South Korean data center will be situated in the Mapo district, within close distance of Seoul’s central business district. SL1 IBX, at more than 18,000 square feet, will provide an initial capacity of 550 cabinets in its first phase of deployment, at a power density of 4.3 kVA per cabinet. The facility will be equipped with a static UPS configuration at N+1 redundancy. SL1 will also include an office component, break rooms, work kiosks and a conference room. The data center will also aim for 1st grade green efficiency and certifications.

Platform Equinix, the firm’s proprietary interconnection platform, allows its customers to connect to more than 1,800 networks and 2,900 cloud, IT and system integration services globally. The carrier-neutral SL1 is slated to open in the third quarter of 2019, just in time for the planned deployment of 5G networks.

Equinix’s newest data center comes on the heels of a busy year, with multiple global expansions completed or underway. The company recently announced the deployment of a fourth data center in Singapore and invested about $387 million in its U.K. footprint alone, of which $120 million were spent on a new IBX at its Slough campus, in London. Equinix currently operates 200 IBXs across 52 markets and 24 countries.

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