Digital Fortress Launches 100-Acre Data Center Campus in Richmond

The site can be expanded to offer as much as 100 MW of power at full build-out.

By Tudor Scolca

Digital Fortress has opened its first wholesale data center campus in Richmond, Va.

The site currently offers a fully built, 250,000-square-foot, Tier III facility with an immediately available IT capacity of 4.1 MW and 18,270 square feet of raised floor space. Digital Fortress has invested more than $100 million in the project.

Digital Fortress Richmond Data Center. Photo courtesy of Digital Fortress.

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The new facility offers an N+1 concurrently maintainable configuration. Upon customer demand, the powered shell can be expanded by a further 196,625 square feet, available within 20 weeks. The expansion would support up to 25 MW of total power.

Digital Fortress’ campus also includes land available for future build-to-suit data center projects of as much as 500,000 square feet, with a total power capacity of 100 MW that can be deployed within two to three years.

Connectivity on the campus features a newly built, fully diverse multi-duct fiber system that offers 4ms of latency to subsea landing cables in Ashburn and Virginia Beach.

The campus is situated within Meadowville Technology Park, a 900-acre development owned by the Chesterfield Economic Development Authority that includes data centers, logistics, manufacturing, office and hospitality. Located in in Chesterfield County, about 21 miles south of downtown Richmond, the park offers easy access to Interstates 64, 95 and 295.

Companies that have a presence in the Meadowville project include Amazon, Niagara Bottling and Medline, among others. Recently, Red Rock Development announced plans to construct a 353,044-square-foot spec industrial project within Meadowville Technology Park.

New demand in the wake of COVID-19

In 2020, primary U.S. data center markets experienced an 11 percent decline year-over-year in demand for wholesale product, a CBRE report shows. However, the current global health crisis has accelerated the need for bandwidth and data centers remained a top performing asset class despite initial hiccups.

Northern Virginia continues to be one of the world’s top data center markets by sheer volume, with 61 percent of product under construction at year’s end, according to the same report.

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