Cortet Unveils Next Generation Lighting Control Solution

The Cortet E100 Gateway measures only two by two inches, but it can wirelessly control up to 120 devices, including LED fixture controllers, wall switches and sensors.

By Alex Ciorogar

Cortet E100 Gateway

A division of CEL, Cortet—a manufacturer of commercial-grade wireless lighting products and white-labeled control systems—has launched the new E100 Gateway, a smart lighting control solution for commercial installations. Acting as a local-controller gateway built on the company’s platform, the device works as an intelligent lighting control hub, processing sensor data and programmed schedules, while also enabling user control via Cortet-certified devices and the Cortet Lighting Control Mobile App.

Using a single API, Cortet brings the wireless-mesh network, the UI applications and the cloud together into a single, unified platform. Based on a scalable and efficiently distributed architecture, the Cortet Lighting Control Platform supports code-compliant, easy-to-install products which are automatically configured. Group-controller gateways are generally used as standalone IP-connected IoT gateways and device-controllers, but they can also be used to coordinate local-controller gateways for large-scale, distributed networks.

E100 Gateway Features

  • wireless control of up to 120 devices in up to 30 rooms or regions, including LED fixture controllers, wall switches and occupancy sensors
  • six devices can be included in the network, allowing for the control of more than 700 devices
  • use of a standards-based communication protocol
  • 1 x zigbee communication radio
  • 1 x ethernet IP communication port
  • off-site operation via remote connectivity
  • management of up to four schedules, per zone, per day, with a maximum of two day-groupings per zone
  • on-board application flash memory and on-board supplemental flash memory
  • the system leverages zigbee Home Automation 1.2 security with AES-128 encryption for device-to-device communication
  • pre-installed software which automatically updates, while also managing over-the-air software updates to connected devices
  • supports code-compliance requirements for task scheduling, occupancy and daylight harvesting

The Cortet Light Control Mobile App provides direct control of all the wireless devices in the system, such as lights, shades, plugs and sensors. With secure user registration and log-in, the app can also configure automation rules.

Photos courtesy of Cortet

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