Circadian Lighting Mitigates Workplace Blues

Patented LED technology offers more natural illumination that won't disrupt employees' biological clocks.

2X2 LED troffer. Image courtesy of CIRCADIAN ZircLight

CIRCADIAN ZircLight Inc. offers workplace lighting products that support peoples’ natural circadian rhythms through intelligent control of the bio-active blue wavelength content by time of day and season. Most energy-efficient lighting products, including fluorescents and LEDs, have a high blue dosage that can disrupt the human circadian clock and health-protecting hormones at night, driving up the risk of a range of ailments from diabetes to depression.

Designed for commercial and industrial workplace settings that run 24/7, CIRCADIAN’s products use patented LED technology and lighting controls to better replicate the natural light patterns of blue-rich days and blue-depleted nights. The products come in recessed 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 LED troffer designs that offer nominal lumens ranging from 2000 to 5700 depending on the model, and a continuous bright white light that imperceptibly transitions from Day to Night Mode.

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