Central New Mexico Community College Undergoes $13M-Plus Renovation

Established in 1964, Central New Mexico Community College has today more than 29,000 students enrolled. This number makes it the largest higher education institution in New Mexico. Because with great power comes great responsibility, CNM has big plans for its campus, Albuquerque Business First reports.

By Anca Gagiuc, Associate Editor

Central New Mexico Community College, the largest higher education institution in New Mexico, has big plans for its campus, Albuquerque Business First reports.

Two renovation projects have been initiated: of the science building located on its main campus and of the old Albuquerque Public Schools data center located on University Blvd. Both projects are scheduled to be finished later this year.

The science lab design contract was signed with Albuquerque firm SMPC Architects for $375,000. The 33,000-square-foot two-story building will be renovated to accommodate the school’s science, chemistry and biology labs. The intention is to bring them closer to a “state of the art” design, CNM spokesperson, Brian Moore told the Albuquerque Business First. Renovations will include replacing the HVAC systems, and addressing the exhaust problems the building had been facing in the past. The school is working towards achieving LEED Silver certification on the project, Moore added. The building is north of the main campus at 525 Buena Vista Drive SE.

The major investment at CNM is made in the data center. The 10,000-square-foot building will be expanded to 25,000 square feet to house CNM’s future bookstore, currently located in a nearby complex. Room for a culinary arts and baking lab is also part of the plan, as well as the relocation of CNM Foundation and other faculty offices. $13.4 million is the cost allocated for the work that is being done by Jaynes Corp. and NCA Architects • Planners. The school is aiming to receive LEED Silver certification for this project as well, and expects the project to be completed by the middle of the summer and ready to receive students by the fall term, Aug. 26.

Photo credits: www.facebook.com/CNMonline

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