BENTELER Adds ‘Cool Factor’ to EV Charging

BENTELER's new product is 10 times more powerful than traditional EV chargers.

The BENTELER High-Pressure Heat Exchanger. Image courtesy of BENTELER

BENTELER has developed a new system for a faster and more effective charging process for electric vehicles. The BENTELER high-pressure heat exchanger enables improved cooling capacity and solves the issue of excessive battery heat that results from long charging times.

The compact heat exchanger—similar in size to a pack of cigarettes—is installed in the vehicle’s air conditioning unit and utilizes the unit’s cooling power during charging. Using CO2 as the cooling medium, the high-pressure heat exchanger liquifies R744, a natural, nontoxic and non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, before it’s moved to the cooler where it evaporates and absorbs the wasted battery heat generated from the charging process.

BENTELER’s climate-friendly system is 10 times more powerful than conventional heat exchangers and uses a 12kW output. The additional power increases the battery’s cooling capacity, which is essential for shorter charging duration.

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