Barton Logistics Relocates Corporate HQ to San Antonio

The freight transportation service is relocating from Medina to Bandera, Texas.

Barton Logistics, San Antonio
Barton Logistics, San Antonio

San AntonioBarton Logistics, the freight transportation service, announced the relocation of its headquarters to San Antonio. The new address of the 19-year-old Medina, Texas-based company is 4333 State Highway 16 South Bandera.

“This isn’t really leaving Medina, we consider Bandera and the entire Hill Country to be an extension of home,” said Founder & CEO, Mandy Barton, when asked about how she felt moving the headquarters location. “There are many of us who still live in Medina and will continue to contribute our time and resources there, as well as in Bandera, where our boots are. We view this as an expansion of our home—my heart is right where it has always been,” said Barton.

The new headquarters will allow the company to expand its number of employees as the company continues its growth.

The new space is a 15,000-square-foot building situated west of San Antonio overlooking the Texas Hill Country. Construction is currently underway; the upgrades will be completed by the end of March. The interior will be equipped with advanced technology, while preserving a rustic style. Adjacent to the property there is an auto shop, a vacant lot and a large parking lot, currently all for lease.

“Barton Logistics has grown at an accelerated rate and it’s critical for us to continue to grow with more team members who can keep up with us and at the same rate,” said Criss Wilson, vice president of operations.

Recruiting is currently underway to complete the team for the new space.

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