Mallory Bulman


Institutional Update: New Life

Life insurance companies, long active in commercial real estate investment, have been stepping up their involvement.

On the Market: 5 Interesting Listings for August

This month's listings include a Texas retail property built in 1900 and completely renovated in 2015 and a mixed-use multifamily and retail asset in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.

The Stone That Will Replace Granite and Marble

Long overlooked, soapstone is a durable and versatile natural stone that has unique properties, making it suitable for many applications, from outdoor poolside flooring to pizza ovens or traditional countertops.

Automated Online Marketing Tool for CRE Technophobes

needls., which calls itself "the first robo-agency," displays relevant ads to a targeted audience, helps users create a promotional website, develops comprehensible analytics reports and curates content on a company's Facebook page.

Single-Tenant Deals Dip

Industrial, retail and office sales decreased during the first quarter, but still remain significantly higher than post-recession volume, according to Real Capital Analytics.

Captivate Adds More Interest to Elevators

The company introduced a series of new features, including Screen Center 2.0, a completely redesigned tenant communication tool offering full-screen video capability.

VandlGuard Prevents Hassle of Graffiti Clean-Up

The non-toxic permanent protective coating prevents damage from commercially available spray paints and can be applied to most surfaces, from concrete to previously painted areas.

On the Market: 5 Interesting Listings for July

This month's listings include Cleveland's Battery Park Powerhouse Building, constructed in 1910, and a newly renovated nine-unit apartment property in Portland, Ore.

Park Assist: Guiding Users to Available Parking

The technology digitally monitors spots in parking garages and alerts drivers in real time, which maximizes usage and improves traffic flow.

Delta Introduces Outdoor Energy Storage

The company's new system has a high energy density and long lifecycle, making it well-suited for use in commercial and industrial buildings.