2020 Leading Schools for Real Estate

Real estate degree offerings continue to grow at colleges and universities across the nation, as the demand for specialized programs of study increases. Here are the 2020 CPE-MHN Leaders in Real Estate Education.


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CRE Schools Ramp Up

By Maddie Winship, Senior Research Analyst, Yardi Matrix

As the real estate industry becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, more undergraduates and graduates are choosing to specialize in real estate, and more universities are devoting significant resources to these real estate programs.  

This year’s CPE-MHN Leading Schools for Real Estate Education index includes 38 entries, which boast an impressive 93 percent average of graduates employed in the real estate field. Fifteen of these universities reported that 100 percent of their programs’ graduates are employed in the real estate field. Meanwhile, participating programs have an average of four full-time faculty dedicated to real estate.

Coursework varies by university, with most offering real estate specific courses in finance, law, valuation, market analysis and development. Many schools incorporate real-world scenarios into their curriculum, through a capstone course. Clemson University and The University of Maryland, for example, include a course where students are tasked with completing a preliminary feasibility analysis for a proposed development. With the integration of real-world situations into these specialized real estate degrees, these top universities are helping to shape the next generation of real estate leaders.

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