THRIVE Coworking — an Atlanta-based coworking office operator with locations across five states — announced that it’s joining The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC), a coalition of more than 100 international coworking spaces belonging to more than 30 brands. The move will allow Thrive members access to any of LExC’s coworking locations in the U.S. and beyond. Likewise, the League’s members will also be able to work from any Thrive location based on their membership.

As the League’s newest member, Thrive will become part of a community of coworking spaces and operators with a complimentary view of coworking. The company hopes the partnership will accelerate its progress toward its goal of 500 active locations in five years. Thrive’s business model involves designing collaborative spaces located in highly walkable areas, while also providing personalized hybrid offices for companies. The operator is also committed to philanthropy: It offers discounts on dining and services for those who participate in its micro-donation platform, which rounds up card purchases to the nearest dollar amount and allows users to donate the remainder to local charities.

Beyond simply allowing members in the network access to any collaborating coworking office regardless of location, LExC spaces are also subject to common standards of excellence. Specifically, all spaces in the coalition follow the same guidelines of design, member experience, operating model, diversity and accessibility. After going through the application process, LExC determined that Thrive shared the same standards as all other LExC members.

“Our hand-picked spaces represent the best that coworking has to offer, and we are thrilled to add THRIVE | Coworking to the mix,” said Meagan Slavin, LExC’s current president and operator of 25N Coworking in Chicago. “LExC spaces are where quality, accessibility, and passion meet to foster communities that value connection and innovation.”

Co-founder and CEO of THRIVE, Ramon Gonzalez, added: “We are excited to be part of the LExC community and appreciate their thoroughly vetted process where only the best coworking spaces get in, often by referral only. Exposure to other like-minded industry operators, specifically other boutique founders who are doing it right and want to grow their network of spaces, is so important. Especially as more and more employees are demanding a hybrid work experience.”

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