CPE Executive Council: The Must-Have Office Amenities You Need Right Now

If you want to stay competitive, provide tenants with what they actually want.

What are the top office amenities that tenants want? Free food? Ping pong tables? Did I say free food? Maybe pre-pandemic. But if you want to stay competitive, you need to be current and provide tenants with what they actually want—and need. The CPE Executive Council shares what the market currently demands.

Doug Ressler

Doug Ressler, Manager, Yardi

Supporting the Worker

Based on the current trends and needs of office workers, here are some amenities that are often considered must-haves in an office:

  1. High-Speed Internet: Reliable and fast internet is crucial for most businesses today. It supports video conferencing, cloud services, and other online tools that businesses rely on.
  2. Comfortable Workspaces: Ergonomic furniture can help prevent health problems and increase productivity. This includes adjustable chairs, standing desks and good lighting.
  3. Break Areas: Spaces where employees can relax, eat and socialize can contribute to morale and productivity. These areas often include comfortable seating, a kitchen or snack area, and sometimes games or activities.
  4. Meeting Rooms: Dedicated spaces for collaboration and meetings are important, especially for businesses that value teamwork. These rooms might need video conferencing equipment for remote workers.
  5. Health and Safety Measures: Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, offices might need to include amenities like hand sanitizing stations, masks, and social distancing markers.

Steve Fifield, CEO, Fifield Co.

Remember, the “must-have” amenities can vary greatly depending on the specific needs and culture of the company. Some companies might also value amenities like on-site gyms, childcare, pet-friendly policies or outdoor workspaces. It’s all about what best supports the employees and the work they do. —Doug Ressler, Manager, Business Intelligence, Yardi

Healthy Habits

Gyms with lockers and showers. —Steve Fifield, CEO, Fifield Co.

Dave Ebeling, Owner, Ebeling Communications

Comforts of Home

Working with several commercial real estate developers, brokers and investors, it is interesting to hear the different types of amenities that prospective tenants are asking about. Daycare, pet care, outdoor terraces, lounge areas, F&B and retail are just a few that seem to be making a difference. Employees want the comforts of home without a disruption of their everyday life. Commute time is also a major concern. —Dave Ebeling, Owner, Ebeling Communications

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